About LegalPapers.net

Why Legal Papers?

Legal Papers has more than two decades of experience in the process serving industry. No matter how difficult your case is, we provide the solution quickly and efficiently.

Our seasoned team of experienced private process servers is available to assist you the day you bring your case to us. Every member of our team is linked by Cell Phones, Smart Phones, iPads, Droids and have home offices with access to the latest information.

  • SAME DAY RESPONSE: On the status of your rush cases.
  • GOOD ADDRESSES: Served efficiently, professionally, and timely.
  • BAD ADDRESSES: Clients are notified prior to the
    case expiration date.
  • LOCATOR DATABASE SERVICES: Nationwide Skip Tracing, Motor Vehicle, Postal Searches and other relational public information databases accessed.
  • AVOIDANCE CASES: Computerized Due Diligence Affidavits are provided for alternate means on defendants who evade service of process.
  • THE PAPER CHASE: All served and non-est (non-served) case documentation is returned to the client and/or courts in a timely fashion.

Our Mission

To establish a total mastery in the specialized field on service of process through a customer-service oriented bridge with unsurpassed values on professionalism and the highest expectations on quality of service. Our experienced management team realizes their dedication and commitment creates credibility and merit towards each individual client. ALL OF US PLEDGE, in having a passion and vision for building a future together, by bonding with our clientele and in turn creating an employee profit sharing company.

David Kopel - President of Legal Papers maintains his home and office headquarters in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland. After attending Catonsville Community College and the University Maryland Baltimore County College in the mid 1980's, David began working for a friend in the Private Process Serving Industry. He delivered court summons and subpoenas throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C. and soon realized that his future was in this niche business called "Service of Process".

David's journey began, serving court papers in the mornings, handling client calls during the daytime, serving again in the early evenings, and lastly, invoicing and preparing marketing packages until the wee hours of the morning. Originally, the company name was "College Couriers", until a personal friend, Eddie Shapiro, President of Securex Alarm Systems, suggested the name, "Legal Papers, Inc."

From 1987 to 1990, David obtained enough clientele to transition into the management phase of operations. Managing over 15+ process servers throughout the local area with a volume of 200+ cases per month, clients were calling day and night for the status of their cases.

The studying of software books during non-peak hours produced the idea to create a customized software system called "Service-Edge." David wrote a partial database program to capture the basics of a subpoena tracking system, until he met with the president of Garon's Ethan & Allen, Ron Levine. Ron finished writing the software package, which he continues to maintain.

David A. Kopel
410-823-4444 ext. 118

Baltimore, Maryland's premier professional legal process service at Legal Papers, Baltimore's exclusive professional legal process service serving Towson, Baltimore, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland & District of Columbia, DC.