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Skip Tracing Services

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We are experts at finding home and employment addresses. In this digital age in which everything is computerized and report generated, there is no question that information is easily accessible and so quickly transferred no matter where your located. This automated information doesn't guarantee a located address! Nothing beats, our Human Touch whereby each account is worked individually, manual searches conducted by real live skip tracers with phone calls made during primetime hours, including Saturdays and Sundays. All reports produced are personally and manually researched to confirm the addresses and/or places of employment. We never guess or utilize "possible" locations from the reports obtained.

Please check the type of searches that you wish to initiate.

  • License & Tag Search
    • In Maryland $35 per page. All Other States $55 per page.
      Insurance Providers, Policy Numbers and Lien Holders

      In Maryland, the most common motor vehicle searches accessed are the (1) NAME SEARCH which shows a simplified last known home address. The next search is a 36-month (2) DRIVING RECORD SEARCH revealing a more explicit detail of the individual's history and license. The last search is a (3) LICENSE and TAG SEARCH which obtains the current registrants of the vehicle, last known addresses, insurance company name with policy numbers, plus vehicle lien holder information.
  • Basic Skip Trace - Home Address Search
    • Social Security Number Scan $25
      When choosing this particular search, you are clearly authorizing us to either locate the exact or mostly frequented home address. While a valid social security number is not required, it does create a greater success ratio on finding a valid home address. Please remember, whether or not a social security number, home address or no record found, the fee for the authorization is still $25.
  • Extensive Skip Trace - Employment & Tenant Screening Search
    • Must choose one option below
      With Social Security Number Scan $75
    • Without Social Security Number Scan $100
    • Landlord / Tenant Screening Service $75
    • Our Employment Database Searches, also known as Skip Tracing is a combined search with the Social Security Number Scan in an attempt to locate current home, place of employment and any banking type of information to serve court appointed summons and/or wage garnishments. A social security number is required for this search which creates a greater success ratio. When choosing this particular search, you are clearly authorizing us to either locate a valid social security number and perform the Employment Database search. Remember, whether or not a social security number is found, the fee for the authorization is still $25 to find a valid social number, plus the $75 for the Employment Database search. Added Service: Landlord/Tenant Screening Service includes: Credit Check, 5-Year Evictions Check, Judicial Case Search for Criminal Activity and other serious violations.
  • Postmaster Forwarding Address
    • Local or Long Distance Area $25 Out of State $55
      When a person moves from a home address, the postmaster keeps a record on "file cards" for approximately 12 to 18 months with the forwarding address. No computer database in the world can truly find a "forwarding address on file", unless a process server physically meets with the postal carrier and/or the post office staff members who will comply in accordance with: 39CFR 265.6(D)(6)(ii)(d)(6)(1), corresponding manual 352.44a and b.
    • Hint:
      Some postal offices will only mail back the results while only a selected few refuse to follow their own guidelines and deny results at all. Either option still requires the physical presence of our process server which means that the postal search service fees still apply no matter what the results.
      • Lives here and no change of address on file
      • Not known at address given
      • Moved, left no forwarding address.
      • No such address.
      • The forwarding address on the file card
  • Comprehensive Database Search
    • No matter what the results, the fee is $175.
      In many situations, this service is usually requested after all our locator services are performed or the client has utilized all means of attempts to locate an individual. Our Comprehensive Database search 100% confirms a VALID HOME address! In an industry with so many inconsistencies a common factor found within these home addresses are variations such as: Frequents, Parents, Relatives, Mail-Drops, Friends, Rental Properties, Can't Confirm addresses and any current leads of information. Upon completion of our findings, it may be suggested that the Unconfirmed or Rental Property locations will require physical attempts by our process servers and/or hire an outside investigator to interview and canvass the given addresses for a final confirmation.
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  • LPI prepares the reports provided under this service from information obtained by various service agencies, and in no way warrants or assumes any liability for the accuracy of information provided in each report. Each service performed is subject to the standard rate, even if new, same, or non-current information is obtained.
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